it's friday the 13th!

For small creatures such as we.
It's also Valentine's day this Saturday, but whichever you prefer, celebrate it. Life is too short to go through without treating yourself once in a while. So I'll be taking a moment away from the hectic chaos of life and doing something I enjoy—perhaps baking fancy, or continuing my attempt to learn how to crochet (which I started last week). Either way, I'm hoping this is a good weekend.

Flying squirrels.
Iceland. Always a beautiful place.
Bubbles, frozen.
Living in an alpine cable car?
If only tea were as mainstream as coffee.
A book of fictitious dishes.
A hedgehog. Just because.


to the weekend.

Clouds in concave
(clouds in a concave mirror. which I found last year during physics class.)

This morning I overcame my laziness and walked all the way down to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I was forced to make this decision, in part, because I ran out of crackers, which, along with peanut butter, have been my breakfast staple for most of the first semester. Let's hope this decision becomes a habit before I'm tempted to buy more crackers.
I am also pleased to report that I have survived my first week back at college, and I am ecstatic that the weekend has finally arrived. It's a sunny day and despite my love for rain, I must admit that the sunlight is wonderful if you want to stay sane. (Also, I can't stop thinking how oddly summery this winter has been. In the dead of January, too.)

Chocolatetexture. Because yes, the shape of our food and its level of fanciness really do make it taste better.
And a pretty chocolate cake.
Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda galaxy. Sort of amazing.
And the Orion nebula, which might be the prettiest thing in space.
The faces of famous hand models.
The sketchbook project.
Nineteen everyday uses for lavender. (I just made the air freshener!)



Fake flowers.
Through the window.

just some random shots from around my house that I took about a week ago.

which reminds me, there's a poem called Thursday by William Carlos Williams.

Thursday <William Carlos Williams>

I have had my dream—like others—
And it has come to nothing, so that
I remain now carelessly
With feet planted on the ground,
And look up at the sky—
Feeling my clothes about me,
The weight of my body in my shoes,
The rim of my hat, air passing in and out
At my nose—and decide to dream no more.



January 13.

It goes on.

Thirteen days, and we're already well into the new year.
I wasn't planning on making any new year's resolutions, but thirteen days in, and goals are beginning to materialize in my mind. I never was one for being ambitious, but I just can't help but be optimistic for the year ahead of me. So, the list goes, in no particular order,

1. Post more often. I love blogging, but it takes a bit of planning and it's so easy to put off when I'm busy with other things. Maybe I'll set off some time for it.
2. Go running. I used to play tennis, so exercise was an unavoidable part of my daily life. As that's not the case any more, the lack of physical activity is getting to me. It's another thing that will be hard to fit into a busy schedule. I feel like the main obstacle for me is the fact that I have to take time to shower afterward. All those stupid little things.
3. Learn/practice calligraphy. This isn't really a resolution because I'm probably going to do it anyway, just for fun, but there's a good chance that I'll be too "busy" to. I say busy in quotes because there's always time. I recently bought Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters and I've been re-practicing the basic letterforms.. I've found that the tedium of writing letter after letter is actually quite enjoyable.
4. Eat healthier. I blame this on college. It's difficult when many days your only choice of vegetable is the salad bar and free pizza seems to show up everywhere, especially around midnight hours. Mini-goals include: drink more water/tea | minimize consumption of pizza | minimize consumption of other cheesy products | stop eating dessert at every meal. I think that's reasonable enough.
5. Not procrastinate. Don't wait until tomorrow to reply to that email. Don't miss deadlines. Just don't do it. Please. My future self really appreciates it.
6. Read the Bible. The whole thing. I've put this off for long enough.
7. Do things outside of my comfort zone. It's probably too vague to really be considered a resolution, but it's something to keep in mind.

And so it goes. It's by no means a finished list. I'm sure I'll come up with plenty more as the year progresses. Because I never was a fan of waiting until the New Year to start something.


desert + mountains.

The road.

Just a few snapshots from the places I went over the holidays. I'd never been to either Joshua Tree or Mammoth before, and both were way more beautiful than I expected.

Ryan mountain.
Joshua tree.

For some reason, this last picture reminds me of Bon Iver's song, Blood Bank.

Yellow sign.


have a happy weekend!

Happiness dwells in the soul.

Well, it really has been a while (although that seems to be all I ever say anymore). Things haven't been excessively busy, but definitely busy enough. All in all, I've been thoroughly enjoying college life (and I might post more about it some point soon). Food posts will probably be scarce, as college hasn't been affording me many opportunities to cook; and whenever I do have the chance (baking at midnight is a relatively common occurrence), taking pictures isn't a very realistic option. I also have yet to use my camera once since I started, and I'll have to try to change that.
Anyways, here are the links that I've compiled over many more weeks than it should have been.

Rest areas.
London's underground.
London's taxi drivers.
Breakfast around the world.
The Ig Noble prizes.
Second graders at a fancy restaurant.
What the world eats.
What the Great Pyramid used to look like.
Inside Trader Joe's.