It's Halloween already? I have to admit, this is probably the first year I'm not going to have time to carve a pumpkin. Or buy candy. Or give out candy to sweet little kids who are all dressed up. My house is going to be one of those sad, unlit houses. The one that kids pass by, thinking, oh, those silly adults who don't celebrate Halloween.

So instead of carving a pumpkin I'll compensate with a roundup of pumpkin recipes. Not that it really compensates, but it'll have to do. (And pumpkin beats candy any day, right?)

from top, by row: 1. mini pumpkin pies; 2. nutella stuffed pumpkin french toast; 3. pumpkin pancakes; 4. savory pumpkin hummus; 5. pumpkin oatmeal cookie s'mores; 6. salted pumpkin caramels; 7. savory pumpkin cornbread waffles; 8. pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

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  1. Your blog is so wonderful. I really like the simple design and all the lovely things you post! :)